Will 10
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date Oct. 3rd 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Time Ultimatum
Into The Wild


First a dark forest is seen

Rustiling in the trees then a pod falls then opens and 3 figures step out.

(Figure one): Ahh, yes they are here, You 2 go find them

(figure 2): what about you?

(figure one): I'm gonna spread the darkness....


At a plumber base Will, Kevin and Pred are trying to locate the origin of the Darkness

(Will): So where are Ben and Gwen again?

(Kevin): Family thing

(Will): And you're not there because.....?

(Kevin): Have you met their family?

(Will): Good point.

They both go back to looking at the screen again leaving an akward silence in the room.

(Pred): hey look, this area of the darkness looks darker.... do you think that could be..?

(Will, to the computer): Zoom

The image get's bigger

(Will): Zoom

The image Zooms again to reveal the figure to have the shape of a Transylanian.

(Will): Who the.....?

(Kevin): Let's go!

(Will): you know who this is?

(Kevin): I'll explain on the way.

All three get in Will's car and it turns into a jet.

(Will): So who is this?

(Kevin): His name is doctor Viktor, he is a servant to Ghostfreak, and he partners with the Mummy and the Yenaldoshi, he almoast succeded in killing ben, then King Xarion Transferred his mind into a frozen Viktor, alowing Xarion to Utilize Viktor's power to remain king of Zarcovia. We were sure he was dead, but i guess...

The ship gets hit and pred falls out

(Will): PRED!!!! Kev, keep it in the air

Will jumps out

(Will, fiddleing with the megamatrix): Come on some one who can fly.....

Will turns into Lucky Clover

(Will): AWWW SERIOUSLY!?!??!?!?!?

A bird flys by and Lucky Clover absorbs it and flies toward pred.

(Will): PRED!!!!!!!

Pred's hand turns into a wolf's claw and slices lucky clover's Tentacle

(Lucky Clover): ARGH!

Lucky Clover's vine regenerates and grabs pred and brings him down to the Forest.

(Lucky Clover): Whoah sure is dark and foggy

(Pred): i think we're here....

Will Turns back to orishan, then to human

(Will): I think you're right

Will and Pred walk deeper into the forest

(Will): Hey I got an Idea Let's Play the street sign alphabet game!

(Pred): do you see any street signs?

(Will): Yeah

(Pred): Where?

Will points to a sign that says "Central Park Zoo"

(Pred): That must be where Viktor is!

Pred Takes off running then goes down on four legs and dissapears out of sight

(Will): HEY WAIT UP!

Will turns into WillWolf and runs after Pred.

(Viktor, to an unidentified being): The darkness has spread all throughout all of time's square. Soon it will engulf all of New York.

(Unidentified Being): And the rest?

(Viktor): The Darkness generators in Egypt and the Amazon arn't up yet, but they will be

Out of nowhere Pred, with wolf claws and fangs, attacks Viktor.

(Viktor): Argh what the?

Then A huge hand Hits Viktor

(Mechnorg): MECHNORG!

a giant hammer hits Viktor

(Kevin): KEVIN!


Mechnorg forms giant feet


Mechnorg kicks Viktor

(Viktor): You can't, and soon Two more cores will activate then the Entire world will be engulfed in Darkness. And Kevin'll be-

Mechnorg kicks Viktor an knocks him out.

(Pred): The core, it's inside the Penguin Exibit. In the Iceberg.

Mechnorg turns into Echo Echo, then ultimate then Mega.

(Mega Echo Echo): ok where in the berg?

Mega Echo Echo walks into the the ice berg and the core's right there

(Mega Echo Echo): oh.. nvm

Mega Echo Echo destroies it and get's back to the group.

(Will): Ok let's go, Egypt.

They all get back into the DY-104Y and take off for Egypt.





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  • WillWolf's First Appearence