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Digimon:Come to Life is a Digimon Fan fiction about Brandon and his partner Shockermon

Digimon:Come to Life features on Brandon as he discovers a Digivice and he scans his drawing of the digimon he made up then he notices a sprite in his digivice and it resembles Shockermon then he realizes he has a real digimon and go on adventures to save the real and digital world with his friend tayler and friend that he kind of hates but still likes deep down rylee


Brandon is the main protaganist in Digimon:Come to life he is a huge digimon fan he watches it whenever he can When he discovered he had a real digivice he rewatched all the Digimon Data Squad episodes so he would know how things worked then he scanned the Shockermon drawing and it came to life.

Me in Data Squad

Brandon with his Digivice


Tayler in Data Squad

Tayler Brandons best friend

Tayler is Brandons best friend his partner is impmon Tayler gets into alot of trouble the exact opposite of Brandon but there still best friends and rylee likes him but tayler hates her.