Knightmare at the Pier is the 7th episode of season 3 in Will 10.

Will 10
Season 3, Episode 7
Air date Dec. 26th 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Plot SummaryEdit

While Will is at the Pier, a Forever Knight Extermination Group attacks.


(Announcer): Last Time on Will 10.


(Ben, eating chili fries): so..... Will I hear you have a date for next week.

Nanomech is on Will’s shoulder but Will doesn’t know

(Will, to Taylor): Soo um... would you wanna come to the Pier with me next week?



Will’s Car pulls up to the Pier.

(Will): I dunno Ben, i don’t think i can do this,

(Ben): Come on, it’s just like Kaley,

(Will, color draining from his face): um... uh... eh....uh....

(Ben): What?

(Will): Uh... Kaley wasn’t real.....

(Ben): What do you mean, you mean you-

Akward Silence Between the two.

(Ben, Activating his ultimatrix): I’ll tell you what,

Ben turns into Nanomech, and shrinks

(Nanomech): I’ll Help you out!

Nanomech flies into Will’s ear.

(Nanomech): When you get stuck, I’ll tell you what to do!

(Will): You really wanna come don’t you?

(Nanomech): So Very Bad....

(Will, sighing): Fine, But only I can hear you, right?

(Nanomech): Yes.

Will gets out of the Car.

(Will): I don’t know, i don’t even See her,

(Nanomech): She’s over there by the cotton candy

(Will, Sarcastic): Well thank you,

(Nanomech): No Problem, pal

Will Reluctantly walks up to Taylor.

(Will, nervous): Uh... ehhh Uh... um...

(Will, Mentaly): What do I say Ben?

(Nanomech): “Hi”

(Will): Uh.. *Gulp* Hi,

(Taylor, giggles): Hi,

(Will, Staring at Taylor, Mentally): What now?

(Nanomech): Man you really came unprepared didn’t you?

(Will, Mentally): Yup, totally unprepared

(Will, to Taylor): you wanna um... go on a ride?

Taylor Smiles and holds out her hand, and Will just stares at it.

(Nanomech): GRAB IT FOOL!

Will takes Taylor’s hand and they walk toward the Rides

(Nanomech): Wait, what’s that?

(Will): What’s What?

(Taylor): What?

(Will): What What?

(Taylor): You said “What’s What?”

(Will): oh... um... did I?

(Nanomech): Real Smooth.

(Will, mentally): What’s what?

(Nanomech): Open your eyes, there are knights in front of you

(Will): Hey there are Forever Knights In front of me,

(Nanomech): Nothing gets by you huh?

(Will): Wait, where’s Taylor?

(Nanomech): Weird.

Nanomech comes out of Will’s ear and Transforms into Rath.

(Rath): Will, go find you’re Girlfriend, I'll take care of these guys.

(Will): She’s not my-

(Rath): Lemme tell you somthin’ William E Levin, Don’t argue with Rath when Rath in in the zone!

(Will): But-

(Rath, tackling Forever Knights): GO!

Will runs and turns into Big Chill, and attacks.


At that a Metal Person Comes and Beats up the Knights.

(Will, to the Metal Person [Detransformed]): Who are you?

The Metal stranger Removes a Mask and is revealed to be Taylor.

(Taylor): Hi Will, I Have to tell you something, I’m an alien species known as an “Osmosian.”

(Will): Wait what? Me too!

(Ben, Detransforming, standing over knights): Akward.

(Taylor, to Ben): and who are you?

(Ben, smiling): Ben Tennyson,

(Taylor,): Oh the Alien Jerk who’s been on the news a couple of times.

(Ben): Yeah that’s Me- Wait what?

(Taylor, positive attitude): I don’t like you.

(Ben, intimidated): Good to know....

(Will): Need a ride home Taylor?

(Taylor): Yeah, that’d be nice

Taylor starts walking

(Ben): I’ll co-

Will glares at Ben and gestures for him to scram

(Ben, Irritated): I’ll Fly home.. Will catches up with Taylor and they walk to the car.

(Taylor): well this was interesting

(Will): Yes, it was.

They both go in for a kiss, but Ben pops in.

(Ben): I’m going now.

Will Glares at Ben.





Aliens UsedEdit