Lucky Clover he has the ability to drain enemies' power and use it.

Lucky Clover
Vital statistics
Species Trifýlli
Home Planet Virens
Body Type Humanoid
Abilites absorption
First Appearance The Day After Yesterday


Lucky Clover has the ability to Absorbs someone's energy/powers and use it. He is most like the X-man Rouge.


Lucky Clover doesnt have eyes the omnitrix is in middle of his face he has a round face he does not have a body legs and arms are connected to his face there are tentacles on his back he is brown and green


Lucky Clover is useless against Anodyte abilities. Also if Lucky Clover absorbs a handicapped being, he will have the same limitations.


Lucky Clover was originated For Will 10 , But was first seen in Kevin 11 Ultimate Alien Part 3 .