Megamatrix: Malfunction is the 14th, episode of Will 10. The 3rd episode of season 2.

Will 10
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date July, 8th
Written by User: Tronfan
Directed by User: Tronfan
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Megamatrix: Malfunction
Megamatrix: Origins


When Chulofiaus' ship lands on Ypogeios, the Megamatrix Immediatly unlockes a new alien and Will names him Sole Digger . Chulofiaus tells Will that the next fragment that'll help understand the Megamatrix is underground. Will starts digging and arrives in a room with other Dirtiatimites Who suddendly attack Will. After Will beats most of the Dirtiatimites, one of them warns Will, that no one has connected with the fragment has come back alive. After that Will keeps digging untill he reaches the fragment room. When Will arrives in the room, there is nothing. The fragment is gone. Will walks forward and steps on something and starts to bleed. Will takes a few more steps and with the blood that driped from his foot something activates. Another chamber comes into view. Will walks through the entrance and a greenish glow is in the midst of the room. In the Center of the room will spots the Fragment of Mystery. Will touches the fragment and gets electrocuted and his eyes turn Neon green. The next thing he knows is he's infront of an elder (ultimate) Vaxxasaurian. The Vaxxasaurian starts to explain the mystery of the Megamatrix, how the megamatrix works, what's inside. Meanwhile Chulofiaus arrives in the true fragment room (the secret chamber) in time to see Will dissolve.


Aliens usedEdit