Ned10 is the first Ned10 series With Ned Curtis only 10 in which Ned Recieves the Omnitrix2.0 ( Azmuth's second omnitrix) and uses it to fight Evil.

Ned10 episodes can only be read on the 2pikachu8 website


And then there was Ned.

Battle Training

Love at first sight

The Shocking twist

Rylee will you go out with me?

The First Date

Family Origins PT1

Family Origins PT2

The Bad News

A look in the future (season finale)

Season 2

And then there was Alnedo

Training Battle

Hate at Second Sight

Ned vs Alnedo

Alnedo vs Ned The Second battle

Everything goes back to normal



The Elite Squad PT1

The Elite Squad PT2

Season 3

only on 2pikachu8 website at the time