Gwen in omniverse by epicryan-d4uonn7

Based on

Brandon's Ex Girlfriend Rylee


10(Ned10 12(Ned10:Alien Patrol) 15(Ned10:Ultimate Adventures)

Rylee UA

Rylee in Ned10:Ultimate Aventures

Rylee is Ned's first girlfriend in Ned10 she is fully human unlike Ned who is 25% anodite and Rylee has no powers even though Ned no longer dates Rylee he still secretly has a crush on her but refuses to let anyone know especially Bailey

Rylee is in most of the Ned10 episodes very few Alien Patrol episodes but she is supposed to make an appearancein Ultiamet Adventures along with Bella and have a huge showdown to see who hets to date Ned



Rylee wears a Pink hoodie has Light Brown Hair and Blue Eyes

Alien Patrol

Rylee wears a Red and Blue T-shirt

Ultimate Adventures

Rylee Wears a Red White and Blue T shirt