Will 10
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date 4/26/11
Written by User: Tronfan
Directed by User: Tronfan
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Universal Congress pt1
Sonorosian Field Trip is the 9th episode of Will 10.


After Eon teleports Will's team to Sonorosia, they stumble upon a native Sonorosian tribe. The tribe told them that Eon had already arrived, and is searching for the Prize Talisman of the Sonorosian Emperor. The tribe told them that only the emperor knows where the talisman is. The team set out to find the emperor, but along the way they got attacked by Eon's guards. After a while, they arrived at the palace of the Sonorosian emperor, and tried to enter. But they got stopped by the emperor's guards. The guards took them to the emperor. The team told the emporer about Eon's plot and how they needed the talisman. The emporer told them that they were too late; the talisman has already been stolen by Eon. The team discussed and realize the only rune Eon doesn't have is the Rune of the Universe, which is kept in the Universal Congress. Kevin summons the Rustbucket III and they take off to the Congress.

Aliens UsedEdit


  • The Universal Congress is first mentioned here.
  • Rath hologram seen on Will's Megamatrix.