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The Glitch is the 3rd episode of Ned10: Ultimate AdventuresSince Ned and Emma split up to explore they went to very interesting places Ned went to the video games store the technology store and the car dealership while Emma went to the pet shop the spa with some money each Ned bought a car And Emma got a pet Ned’s car was a black and yellow Corvette and Emma’s pet was a baby Appolexian and Emma named it Frosted flakes. so Emma and Ned met up at the dock. Ned: so what did you buy? Emma: a baby Appolexian Ned: I got this sweet corvette what did you name the Appolexian? Emma: Frosted Flakes Ned: *Snickers* Frosted Flakes seriously? Emma: what he looks like the Frosted Flakes Tiger. Ned: well what are you going to do when it’s a full grown Appolexian? Emma: It’s going to be trained by then. Ned: whatever you say its you’re pet. And don’t count on me to feed him and pick up after him Emma: *whispering* Dang it Ned: *pets frosted flake* Frosted Flakes: *bites Ned* Ned: OUCH Emma: I’m sorry Ned: it’s ok Emma: good Ultimatrix: *crackles* Ned: what’s going on Emma: I don’t know hmm Frosted Flakes bit the Ultimatrix maybe it put some DNA in it Ned: possibly Ultimatrix: all Dna samples deleted Ned: WHAT!!!! Emma: that’s not good Ned: well no duh Emma: sorry Azmuth: hello children Ned: the Ultimatrix says it deleted all the DNA samples Azmuth: *puts it all back in* Ned: thanks Azmuth Azmuth: no problem The End