The New Guy is the 4th episode of season 3 in Will 10.

Will 10
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date Dec 5th 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Unlimited Power pt 2
Knight of the Full Moon

Plot Summary

One of Will's Freinds from school get's attacked by Techadons.


(Teacher): Levin?

(Will): *Yawn* Present, (mutters) and tired

(Teacher): Brightson?

Will looks at an empty desk

(Will): Where is he?

Scene cuts to the forest and a kid is running,

Red beams shoot at the kid, then techadons are seen

(Ryan): Please, Don't


A Red Beam Hits the Techadons

(NRG): You ok Ryan?

(Ryan): Yeah, but, who are you?

(NRG): Oh, Right.

NRG Detransforms

(Ryan): Will?!?

(Will): Hi there, why were those Techadons Chasing you?

(Ryan): I don't know,

(Will): Come with me, I think I know someone who can help.

Later at a plumber's base

(Will): Ryan, i'd like you to meet-

(Ryan): Ben Tennyson,

(Ben): Hi there, Will said you were in some sort of trouble,

(Will): He was attacked by techadons,

(Ben): But, techadons are just thugs, programed by someone to do their dirty work,

(Will): Yeah? your point

(Ben): That Means Something's after him

(Ryan): Who?

(Will): That's what we gotta find out, you comming ben?

(Ben): Sure, it beats staying here all day..

(Will): Well, where to?

(Ben): Wouldn't you think to where he was attacked?

(Will): Sounds good

ben and Will get into bens car and take off leaving ryan there.

(Ryan): Wow......

minutes later, ben's car lands back in the hangar

(Will): You comming?

Ryan gets in the car, and they all go to the forest.

(Will): Right here,

Ben see's the scorch marks on the trees,

(Ben): You used NRG?

(Will): Possibly,

Techadons come out of the Shadows. Will turns into NRG and Ben Turns into Swampfire.

(Will): NRG!


(Ryan): Just attack!

NRG and Swampfire start attacking the Techadons

(Swampfire): Get Back!

Nrg is firing beams at the techadons and Swampfire gets hit with a techadon part.

(Swampfire): Ow... Hey watch it!

(NRG): sorry

Swampfire turns to Echo Echo

(Echo Echo): Echo Echo!

(Echo Echo): Will i'd suggest you switch, these guys seem heat resistant,

(NRG): Good idea

NRG transforms back into will who then Shrinks and his skin turns rocky, then turns into Georock.

(Georock): What?

(Echo Echo, fighting techadons): You could help, you know

(Georock): I have no clue what this one does!


(Georock): Um... Ok

Georock runs and goes to punch a techodon and when he does his hands get huge.

(Georock): Nice!

Georock shoots little pebbles at the techadons

(Echo Echo): they're not affecting!

(Georock): OK!

Georock Hurls Huge Boulders at the techodons, destroying them.

(Georock): Yes!

Ben and Will Detransform.

(Will): that was too easy...

Something comes up behind them and emits a gas that knocks both Ben and Will out.

(Bounty Hunter): Ryan Brightson, you are comming with me

The bounty hunter grabs Ryan

(Ryan): Let go of me

500 more techadons appear and surround ryan

(Ryan, eyes flittering yellow): I said,

Yellow energy starts appearing arround Ryan

(Ryan): LET ME GO!!!

A Yellow blast disintigrades the techadons and the bounty hunter. Smoke lets up and Ryan is Seen in his Full Electrodyte form.

At the plumbers base.

(Ben): Will,..... Will Wake up.... WAKE UP

Ben splashes water

(Will): Chocholate Cookies! oh wah? where are we?

(Ben): We're back in the plumber's base,

(Will): What happened?

(Ryan): This,

Ryan Demonstrates his powers

(Will): O.O

The End




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