Unlimited Power pt 1 is the 2nd episode of Season 3 of Will 10.

Season 3, Episode 2
Air date Nov 21st 2011
Written by Tron
Directed by Tron
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The Feud
Unlimited Power pt 2

Plot Summary

Kevin absorbs an extreme ammount of energy to stop Impactor and becomes Mega Kevin.


Will and Kevin are fighting Impactor

(Impactor): Last Chance Levin! Give Me The Ephiliodite!

(Kevin): I’m sorry but I'm all out.

(Impactor): Not you! The younger Levin.

(Mechnorg): What’s Ephiliodite again?

(Impactor): Don’t play dumb with me Levin!

Impactor fires missiles at Mechnorg and knocks him out.

(Impactor): Hah,

Impactor Aims his missile hand at mechnorg

(Kevin): NO!

Kevin Punches Impactor then absorbs Will’s megamatrix and turns to Mega Kevin, and Kevin attacks Impactor

(Impactor): NO!!!!

Impactor goes flying and Will wakes up and turns back to human.

(Will): Kevin?

Kevin shoots fire at Will, but he dodges


(Kevin): Stay out of my way!

(Will): Where are you going!?!?

(Kevin): To Finish something I should have a long time ago!!

(Will): You’re Gonna Kill Him!?!?

Kevin flew out of out of sight.

(Will, on cell phone): Ben! Code Red Emergency!

(Ben, over phone): What? what’s going on?

(Will): Kevin absorbed the Megamatrix, meet me at the coordinates I'm sending you

Will gets in the DV-104Y and sends something to Ben and drives away.


Argit is finishing a deal with the Forever Knights.

(Forever Knight): Now are you sure these work

(Argit): Yeah, Yeah of course they do...

(Forever Knight): Good

The Forever Knights leave with the weapons. Argit starts counting his money

(Argit): Ahh 32...33..34...Thirty-

(Kevin): Third time’s the charm, right argit?

(Argit): Kevin? Where are you?

Mega Kevin Steps out of the shadows.

(Argit): Woah, Kevin..... Looking good...

(Kevin): Save it Argit... you’re finished.

Kevin extends his claw.

(Argit): C-c-c’mon kevin..... you’re making a big mistake

(Kevin): Your right argit, I don’t wanna do this.

Kevin retracts his claw.

(Argit): *Phew*

(Kevin): I’d Rather use my death beam,

(Argit, scared): wha?

Kevin fires a red beam out of his mouth

(Argit, cowering): AHHHHH!!!!!

Before it hits Argit, the beam is deflected by a shield.

(Kevin): What the?

Kevin Looks and sees Mega Ampfiban, Swampfire and Gwen.

(Kevin): What are you doing here?

(Mega Ampfibian): Take ‘im

Ben And Gwen attack him, but Kevin turns ben back to normal and sends them flying into the wall.

(Ben and Gwen): Grah!

Ben gets a broken arm and Gwen gets knocked into a coma.

(Mega Ampfibian): BEN!!!!!, GWEN!!

(Ben): Ugh, My arm!

(Mega Ampfiban): Kevin! Don’t you see what you’ve done?

(Kevin): Yeah, I forgot to do this.

Kevin blasts a beam at Ben and Gwen

(Mega Ampfibian): NO!!!!!

Mega ampfibian raises his hand and the beam gets directed toward him and Mega Ampfibian absorbs it.

(Mega Ampfibain): Now Kevin, Where were we?

Mega Ampfibian looks, but Kevin is gone.

(Mega Ampfibian): Oh no.... This isn’t good

Camera zooms out of a destroyed warehouse.





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