Unlimited Power pt 2 is the 3rd episode in season 3 of Will 10.

Will 10
Season 3, Episode 3
Air date Nov. 28th 2011
Written by Tronfan
Directed by Tronfan
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Unlimited Power pt 1
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Plot Summary

Will can't defeat Mega Kevin, so he inlists the Aid of Trialphos, and they both goto their ultimate forms.

Plot Edit

View of a hospital

(Will): You sure you’ll be ok Ben?

(Ben): Yeah I’ll be ok, I mean all I got was a broken arm, Gwen on the other hand,

They both look at Gwen who is in a coma,

(Will): don’t worry Ben, I’ll find him.

Will walks out of the room, and Kevin grows

(Kevin): I thought he’d never leave,

(Ben): Kevin!

Ben tries to activate the ultimatrix but can’t move his right arm

(Ben): You are making a huge mistake Kevin!

Kevin extends his claw

(Ben): KEVIN NO!

Kevin raises his arm, and Ben cowers, but when Kevin is about to strike, a purple beam grabs his arm.

(Telemental): I wouldn’t do that if i were you Kevin.

(Kevin): Yeah but you aren’t me

Kevin breaks out of the restraint and almost strikes Ben, but Telemental tackles him and they both crash out the window.

(Kevin): Argh!

Telemental punches Kevin and breaks away, hovering.

(Telemental): Kevin! Stop Doing this!

(Kevin): I don’t have to kill them right now

Kevin Flys away

(Telemental): I’m not done with you!

(Kevin): But I'm done with you, for now....

Kevin disappears out of sight and Telemental floats to the ground, then chances back.

(Will): Kevin’s Become too powerful, there is only one way i can beat him, dang it

Later at a Cave

Will rings the doorbell, and Trialphos comes to the door

(Trialphos): What do you want Will?

(Will): I need your help,

(Trialphos): No,

(Will): He’ll kill you too,

(Trialphos): Who?

(Will): Kevin,

(Trialphos): Oh, well what am I supposed to do?

Will uncovers the megamatrix

(Trialphos): Oh no, no no no,

Will has a smirk on his face

(Trialphos): no!

Scene changes to Kevin going back after Argit

(Kevin): Oh Argit, I’m back.

(Argit, scared): Uh Kevin! Hi! I uh, we can work this out right?

(Kevin): No,

(Argit): Didn’t think so, how about, next time i make a good profit, You can have it all!

(Kevin): no,

(Argit): Then what do you want?

(Kevin): Your head,

(Voice): You won’t be Getting it Kevin,

(Kevin): Will, you came back!

Ultimate Will steps out of the shadows,

(Kevin): ahh your Ultimate form, You really think you can beat me by doing that?

(Will): no,

(Kevin): Then how do you expect to beat me?

(Will): Him

Will points and Ultimate Trialphos comes out of the shadows

(Trialphos): Hello Kevin,

(Kevin): And, uh Who are you?

(Trialphos): Trialphos

(Kevin): But i thought,

(Trialphos): He’s paying me,

(Will): No I'm not...

(Trialphos): Well some one is,

Awkward silence

(Will): Anyway....

Will attacks Kevin

(Kevin): Will, Seriously, STAY OUT OF MY WAY

Kevin Shoves Will aside and knocks him unconscious

(Trialphos): WILL!

Trialphos fires a fire beam at Kevin, then electrocutes Kevin.

(Kevin): Argh.....

Kevin gets knocked unconscious

(Trialphos): We need to turn him back, how do we do-

as if on cue, Kevin turns back to normal.

(Trialphos): hmm.... guess it wears off

Trialphos and Will turn back to normal.

(Trialphos): Hmm, they’re both unconscious, perfect time to finally ki-

(Will): Nope,

(Trialphos):Darn it!

(Will): We should get him to the hospital,

Trialphos is already gone.

(Will):ah whatever..

Later at the Hospital

(Will): You sure you’re going to be OK Ben?

(Ben): Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just a broken arm, Kevin and Gwen though, they might have to sit out on missions for a while.

(Will): Well, i might as well see if I can.... do something

(Ben): OK,

Will turns into Big Chill and flys out the window





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