Will 10 is the main charactor Of Will 10. He is half Orishan and half Osmosian. He Is able to change into a human,as all Osmosians Can.

Will Levin
General Information
Species Orishan/Osmosian
Age 14 (Will 10)

15 (JUU)

18 (Will 10 X)

35 (Will 10: Next Generation)

Affiliations Elite Plumbers
Occupation(s) N/A
Powers and abilities
Abilities Same as Kevin and Water Hazard
Equipment Megamatrix, X Bow,
Relatives Sevhanna (Sister)

Trialphos (Brother)

Alias Willy


Alternate Counterparts Will (B10Q)

Will (JUU)

Romantic Relationships Taylor
Portrayed By [Lucas Till]
First Appearance The Day After Yesterday


Will is looks like any other Orishan. When he's in human He looks almost exactly like Ben except with a Blue jacket.


Since Will's An Orishan, he can controll water. Since he's also Half Osmosian he Can Absorb matter and energy. In the First episode of Will 10 he gets The Megamatrix. Will can also multiply but it takes alot of energy out of him so he rarely uses it.

Ultimate WillEdit

Will, Being Half Osmosian, has the ability to revert to is ultimate Mode. He looks kinda like kevin's ultimate form.

Aliens in his Ultimate FormEdit

  • Mega Terraspin
  • Mega Big Chill
  • Sole Digger
  • Rath
  • Telemental
  • Geodude
  • Lucky Clover